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Gabriel Galvin

One block from McCarren park in Williamsburg Brooklyn, hidden behind some buildings and across a garden courtyard there's a whimsical little carriage house. Inside you'll find record producer and audio engineer, Gabriel Galvin surrounded by walls of classic and eclectic analog and digital outboard gear, a bouquet of musical instruments. If there is an inch of space not occupied by music or audio equipment, that space is filled with artwork.
Four Foot Studios is a conduit for creativity, expression, and artistry. this can be felt from the moment you step inside and can be heard through all the projects that have been nurtured by this space. If you would like to consider Four Foot Studios for your next project, shoot Gabe an email and stop by to check the space out.

Not all projects are alike and every artist has different requirements for bringing their project to life. Although we have our studio rates published on the site, please feel free to contact Gabe to discuss your project and we would be happy to work out a package that works for your project and budget 

Recording / Mixing

$550 a day
$75 an hour

Other Services

Audio Restoration = $65/hour
Voice Reel = $300
Mastering = $75/song

If your looking for a producer for your next release, feel free to reach out. If we seem like the right fit for each other after discussing your project, we can take it from there 
email for any other audio/music related services not listed on the site. Whatever your needs, Gabe can likely accommodate you, otherwise we'll refer you in the right direction



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